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June 2016

Dangerous times in Turkey

Tuesday night’s suicide attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport that killed 41 people is yet another reminder of the dangerous times Turkey is living through. Its southern border has become a transit point for jihadists travelling to Syria. In the east and southeast, government... Continue Reading →

Pulgaon fire: Explosive trail mail

The deadly fire at the Central Ammunition[गोलाबारूद] Depot (CAD) in Pulgaon in May has raised questions about the quality and manufacturing process of explosive TNT (trinitrotoluene). According to official communications submitted for the ongoing inquiry into the incident, this is the probable... Continue Reading →

Privacy is a fundamental right

The Central government has forced the Aadhaar Bill through Parliament in a week. However, as cited by many experts, there are extensive threats[व्यापक खतरों] to privacy contained within this legislation.The Aadhaar bill seeks to institutionalise an extensive, pervasive[व्यापक] database that... Continue Reading →

Why India needs NSG membership

For years, India has been trying to gain entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), a 48 member grouping that was formed in the aftermath of India’s 1974 nuclear test with the aim of ensuring non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and... Continue Reading →

End the confrontation

Once again, the Delhi government of Arvind Kejriwal finds itself locked in a battle with the Centre. With the Union Home Ministry returning 14 Bills passed by the Delhi Legislative Assembly in the course of one year, another round of confrontation[विरोध] is... Continue Reading →

Joining the elite non-proliferators

The score appears to have evened[make or become even.] out for India in its multi-year project of gaining admission to four elite global non-proliferation clubs, with one success and one failure coming within the span of a single week. The... Continue Reading →

The Hindu News Paper[pdf-4mb] 29-06-2016

Download The Hindu News paper  in pdf format by clicking below link:- Hindu full paper :-   For only Editorial page  alone :- Subscribe blog for more Material. Thanks    

Rebooting India’s agricultural policy

The agricultural sector in India has entered a new low since 1988, when India faced severe [कठोर ]drought. Presently, India is facing its worst moment in the last three decades. The severity of the situation is evident from the stories... Continue Reading →

The Hindu News Paper[pdf-4mb] 25 to 28-06-2016

Download The Hindu News paper  in pdf format by clicking below link:- 28/06/2016 Hindu full paper :- For only Editorial page  alone :-   27/06/2016 Hindu full paper :- 26/06/2016 For only Editorial page  alone :-   25/06/2016... Continue Reading →

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