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September 2016

Quantitative Aptitude_All In One MEGA BOOSTER

Dear Aspirants, As you know IBPS PO , IBPS RRB PO/CLERK , IBPS CLERK and other competitive exams are going to held in upcoming months. We have observed that although candidates are well prepared for next exams but last exam ,SBI PO Pre... Continue Reading →

The Hindu News Paper[pdf] 24-09-2016

  Download The Hindu News paper Editorials in pdf format by clicking below link:- The Hindu full paper:-   DOWNLOAD “SABKABHALAHOJAAYEE APP ”  FROM: Short url:   LIKE OUR FACEBOOK  PAGE FOR MORE UPDATES:- Please #LIKE and #SHARE or #Subscribe... Continue Reading →

Jaw-jaw at the General Assembly

In what is possibly the sharpest castigation[ताड़ना/ सज़ा] of Pakistan on the world stage, India has asserted[इस बात पर जोर] its right of reply to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the UN General Assembly with some rather rough words. Calling Pakistan a... Continue Reading →

Getting Railways on track

That it took 69 years after Independence for India to merge the Railway Budget with the Union Budget is an indication of how difficult it can be to junk colonial[औपनिवेशिक ]-era traditions that may have outlived their utility. In 1924, when the... Continue Reading →

Raiders of hidden arks

The return to India of three ancient sculptures[मूर्तियां] from the National Gallery of Australia is another milestone in the long and difficult campaign waged by several countries to repossess their cultural treasures, which have often been bought by museums from idol smugglers.... Continue Reading →

The Hindu News Paper[pdf] 22-09-2016

Download The Hindu News paper in pdf format by clicking below link:– The Hindu full paper:– The Hindu Editorial only:– Indian Express Editorial :- DOWNLOAD “SABKABHALAHOJAAYEE APP ”  FROM: Short url:   LIKE OUR FACEBOOK  PAGE FOR MORE UPDATES:- Continue Reading →

Putin tightens his grip

The outcome of Russia’s parliamentary election was never in question. The United Russia party of President Vladimir Putin has dominated[control, influence, exercise control over- बोलबाला/ प्रभुत्व रखना] the political landscape ever since it was founded in 2001. Even so, the... Continue Reading →

Managing the Cauvery dispute

  Judicial intervention[हस्तक्षेप] often resolves questions that the executive finds too sensitive to handle. By directing the Centre to constitute a Cauvery Management Board within four weeks, the Supreme Court has created space for the water-sharing dispute to be handled in a... Continue Reading →

500 and counting

Milestones are curious[weird, eccentric, queer, unexpected, unfamiliar- अजीब/ कुतूहली] things in cricket. Round numbers — such as fifty, the century, ten-wicket hauls and career runs in multiples of 1000 allow a measure of achievement in a sport. They also offer... Continue Reading →

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