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As we’ve all seen the drastic change in the pattern of Questions asked in English Section, Gone are the days when we used to predict types and no. of questions asked in the clerk and PO to achieve your goal you need to work round the clock. You do not have a single minute to waste now so here now SbkaBhalaHoJaayee provide you 100 Spotting Error Questions BASED on IBPS Exam 2016 pdf with explanation, Hopefully this will be very helpful for all of you to aid your preparation and getting goods marks. This Pdf will help you test your level for the exam and prepare your strategy accordingly.

100 Spotting Error Questions BASED on LATEST IBPS Exam 2016 pdf.

 1). a) Pakistan has for the first time admitted to the presence / b) of India’s most wanted terrorist, Dawood

Ibrahim, / c) on its earth, but has said that / d) he has now been chased out and could be in the UAE. / e) No


Explanation: Replace ‘earth’ with ‘soil’

Answer is: c)

2). a) The Delhi Government will set up seven laboratories / b) in East Delhi to test, verify and calibrate / c) the

work and reference standards of different types of balances, / d) weights and measuring equipments used in

shops or establishments. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘work’ with ‘working’

Answer is: c)


3). a) Samajik Suvidha Sangam, also known as Mission Convergence, / b) is the most unique initiative of NCT

of Delhi / c) for holistic empowerment of women from vulnerable and / d) most vulnerable sections of society.

/ e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘the most’ with ‘a’

Answer is: b)

4). a) The Supreme Court has sought a response of the Centre / b) on a PIL seeking effective functioning of the

/ c) human rights courts in the country / d) to further the cause of according social justice. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘of’ with ‘from’

Answer is: a)

5). a) Caught napping by the powerful mining Mafia after a bid / b) on the life of the SDM, the police has now

booked / c) the driver of the tractor trolley and / d) filed an FIR against him. / e) No error

Replace ‘has’ with ‘have’

Explanation: Answer is: b)

6). a) A letter of credit is a guarantee issued/ b) by the importer’s bank that it will honor/ c) payment up to

certain amount of export bills/ d) to the bank of the exporter./ e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Insert “a” before “certain”

7). a) A private company is one which/ b) restricts transfer of shares and does not/ c) invite the public

to/ d) subscribe its shares/ e) No error.

Answer: d)

Explanation: Insert “to” before “its”

8). a) Widows by far outnumber widowers,/ b) because studies show that women live longer/ c) than men and

tend to marry/ d) men older than them./ e) No error.

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace “them” with “themselves”

9). a) Yesterday my car ran out of gas,/ b) and then my phone ran out of battery/ c) I was up a creek/d) without

a paddle/ e) No error.

Answer: e)

Explanation: No Error Found

10). a) We couldn’t set up the computer network/ b) ourselves, so we are banking with/ c) an IT engineer from

the university / d) to set it up for us./ e) No error.

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “with” with “on”, and “bank on” means “depends on”

11). a) All government officials above the rank of undersecretary / b) have been issued circulars by their

respective ministries / c) to ask them to attend yoga classes / d) in the run-up to the event / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “to ask” with “asking”

12). a) A serial entrepreneur who made his first fortune / b) in the early days of world wide web / c) he has

since helped find / d) a solar power company to generate green electricity / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “find” with “found”

13). a) The three-day trip that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, made / b) to china is seen in some

quarter / c) as a chance to reset the relationship / d) between Asia’s two giants / e) No error.

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “quarter” with “quarters”

14). a) The char bodies of two women / b) were recovered from a burning pile / c) of dried cow dung / d)at

Sultanpur village / e) No error.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “Char” with “charred”

15). a) With so many options lined up / b) in this competitive world, one has to watch / c) out for a proper

specialization and a suitable institute / d) before deciding on anything / e) No error.

Answer: e)

Explanation: No Error Found

16). a) A total of ten blocks will be on offer / b) in the third round of coal auctions / c) Which will take place

between / d) August 11 to August 17. / e) No error.

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace “to” with “and”

17). a) The lay-offs come among the continued debate / b) over immigration reform in the US / c) as the

temporary work visas are / d) at the centre of a fierce debate in Congress. / e) No error.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “among” with “amid”

18). a) Economic laws typically aims at balancing / b) competing interests of various stakeholders / c) as well

as interests of government departments / d) charged with implementing such laws. / e) No errors.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “aims” with “aim”

19). a) To provide two special economic zones / b) exclusively for Indian investors / c) is a clear reflection of

d) Bangladesh’s positive intent. / e) No error.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “to provide” with “providing”

20). a) On a separate occasion, the High Court rapped / b) the Director-General of Police for forwarding a

complaint / c) against Raj to the state government / d) instead ordering an enquiry into it. / e) No error.

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace “instead” with “instead of”

21). a) My elder brother is planning / b) to go abroad / c) as soon as he will retire / d) in December next year

e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “will retire” with “retires”

22). a) A look at migration data suggests / b) that the number of deaths do not / c) necessarily indicate the

crisis / d) that is being described / e) No error.

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “do” with “does”


23). a) The decision has immediately drawn a sharp response / b) from the Congress and the SP, who along

with / c) other Opposition parties have been stalling / d) the Bill’s passage in the Rajya Sabha / e) No error.

Answer: e)

Explanation: No correction required

24). a) For expecting the organization / b) to pay for the transport / c) of the personal belongings / d) of the

employee is not fair / e) No error.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “For expecting” with “to expect”

25). a) Ahead of Modi’s visit of Bangladesh, External Affairs Minister said / b) agreements on the contentious

issue / c) of sharing of river waters including that of Teesta / d) would not be on the agenda / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Insert “the” before “Teesta”

26). a) Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN envoy / b) Syria, said that the second round / c) of talks in Geneva has failed

d) to make progress / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “has” with “had”

27). a) Four protesters and one policeman / b) were killed / c) when police cleared protest / d) sites in Bangkok

e) No error.

Answer: e)

Explanation: No Error

28). a) Union members say that little thought / b) has been spared for families of employees / c) who develops

health issues owing to / d) living and working in unhygienic conditions / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “develops” with “develop”

29). a) India has one of the largest / b) road network / c) in the world, aggregating to / d) about 3.6 million

kilometers at present / e) No error.

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “network” with “networks”

30). a) Till 1970, India was among first nations / b) having the highest quota with IMF / c) and due to this

status India was allotted / d) a permanent place in the Executive Board of Directors / e) No error.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Insert “the” before “first”

31). a) The Superintendent of Dasna Jail in Ghaziabad said / b) that Koli had been transferred from Dasna to

Meerut Jail / c) as the first had not facilities / d) to carry out the execution / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “first” with “former”

32). a) Once the demand draft will be deposited / b) the individual will be eligible / c) to participate in /d) the

online bidding process / e) No error.

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “will be” with “is”

33). a) The woman kill the child because she wanted / b) to take revenge from her daughter-in-law / c)whom

she blamed from taking away / d) her son from her / e) No error.

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “from” with “on”

34). a) The Delhi government has issued a notification / b) allowing the opening of new wholesale markets

c) in the capital, which will be outside / d) the purview of the three existing AMPC markets /e) No error.


Answer: e)

Explanation: No Error

35). a) My resignation was a spontaneous action / b) since I have always believed / c) that life unless

d) honor is no living at all / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “unless” with “without”

36). a).One of the most essential and major asset / b). for India right now is electricity, / c). therefore it is

important that / d). electricity should reach the end customer. / e). No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “assest” with “assets”

37). a). In India, there is still / b). no widespread repugnance at / c). the thought of little hands / d). toil to make

the stuff we buy. / e). No error

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace “toil” with “toiling”

38). a). It has been proven, time and time / b). again, that eggs and dietary cholesterol / c). does not adversely

affect / d). cholesterol levels in the blood / e). No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “does” with “do”

39). a). The man who killed an orthopaedic surgeon, / b). his domestic help and the later’s son said that / c). he

was unhappy with the unnecessary diagnostic tests / d). the surgeon had recommended for his daughter.

e). No error

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “later’s” with “latter’s”

40). a). “Love Jihad” had come to be / b). one of the latest additions / c). to meaningless polarized debate

d). on a sensitive issue. e). No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “meaningless” with “meaninglessly”

41).a) Shiksha Sahayog Yojana was launched with / b) the object to lessen / c) the burden of parents for

meeting / d) the educational expenses of the children. / e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace ‘for’ with ‘in’

42).a) The poverty estimates indicate that / b) the highest poverty headcount ratio exist in Bihar / c) at fifty

four percent as against / d) the national average of thirty percent / e) No error.

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace ‘exist’ with ‘exists’

43). a) The predominant presence of the textile industry in Indian economy / b) is manifested in its significant

contribution to / c) industrial production, employment generation, / d) and foreign exchange earnings. / e) No


Answer: a)

Explanation: Insert ‘the’ before ‘Indian’

44).a) An important objective of development planning in India has been. / b) to provide for increasing

employment opportunities / c) not only to meet the backlog of the unemployed / d) but also the new additions

to the labor force. / e) No error.

Answer: c)

Explanation: It should be ‘to meet not only’

45).a)The importance of sports in harnessing / b) the power of youth towards / c) nation building and

economic development / d) was evident ever since the 1986 Olympic games. / e) No error

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace ‘was’ with ‘has been’

46).a) Women riding pillion on two-wheelers / b) in the capital have to compulsorily / c) wear helmets,

according to the final notification / d) issued by Delhi government. / e) No error

Answer: d)

Explanation: Insert ‘the’ before ‘Delhi’

47).a) Arun Jaitley’s life has been full or dramatic loops, / b) sudden upswings and a few downturn, / c)till

finally he’s arrived at a job that / d) has him at the helm of the nation’s economic affairs / e) No error

Answer: e)

Explanation: No Error

48).a) Since the commencement of the Constitution in 1950, / b) it is for the third time that governors-this time

c) as much as nine-have had to go / d) following a change of guard at the Centre. / e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace ‘much’ with ‘many’

49).a) The declaring of a long-term ceasefire / b) between Israel and Hamas, after 50 days of off-again, onagain

fighting, / c) has brought immediate relief to both sides / d)of the border between Isreal and the Gaza

Strip / e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace ‘declaring’ with ‘declaration’

50).a) Lawmaking is the routine business / b) of government, and / c) reviewing for possible repeal /d) should

also happen routinely. / e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace ‘reviewing’ with ‘review’

51). (a) As news of police violence spread, / (b) Patel community members, returning to villages / (c) and

towns from the rally, / (d) set fire government property. / (e) No error.

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace with “set governance property on fire”

52). (a) The only silver line to this recent crisis / (b) over reservation was her successful handling / (c) of talks

with other OBC groups / (d) who make up 27 percent of the state’s population. / (e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “line” with “lining”

53). (a) A lots of real estate companies may come up / (b) with tempting offers and discounts but buyers should

/ (c) always keep their eyes open and must check / (d) whether all approvals are in place or not. / (e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “lots” with “lot”

54). (a) Before investing, / (b) you should look after the / (c) overall business dynamics of the company / (d)

along with efficient management and good corporate governance. / (e) No error

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace “after” with “at”

55). (a) Considering that a large part of the population in India / (b) does not have access to banking services, /

(c) payments banks are expected to reach far-flung areas /(d) extending the umbrella of financial inclusion to

everyone. / (e) No error

Answer: e)

Explanation: No error

56). (a) It is time we design / (b) intelligent question papers / (c) that respect competence / (d) rather that just

memory. / (e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “design” with “designed”

57). (a) With India’s urban population expected to grow / (b) exponentially over the next couple of decades /

(c) urban housing will be a central issue / (d) to the government. / (e) No error

Answer: d)

Explanation: Replace “to” with “for”

58). (a) With the crisis of depleting clean water sources / (b) looming over us, / (c) considerable alternative

sources/ (d) is imperative. /(e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace “considerable” with “considering”

59). (a) The Bengaluru Police are proposing to use electronic tags / (b) on habitual offenders to monitor their

movements, / (c) after an analysis revealed that they were involved /(d) in more than forty percent crimes

reported in the city. / (e) No error

Answer: e)

Explanation: No error

60). (a) Having a visionary and motivating leader, / (b) she thinks out of the box and / (c) has her own style of

doing things, one of which / (d) is treating and respecting her employees as assets, /(e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace “Having” with “Being”

61). (a) Farmers bear three-fourth of / (b) the production cost while the balance one-fourth / (c) is paid by the

government as subsidy / (d) directly to the fertilizer markers. / (e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace ‘three-fourth’ with ‘three fourths’

62). (a) The implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission / (b) in 2008-09 and resultant wage increase / (c)

have had a positive rub-off / (d) on sales in urban markets. / (e) No error

Answer: b)

Explanation: Insert ‘the’ before ‘resultant’

63). (a) The governments keenness to keep inflation beyond check / (b) to provide room for the RBI to cut

interest rates further / (c) may restrain it from providing any big relief / (d) to farmers by way of higher MSPs.

/ (e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Replace ‘beyond’ with ‘under’

64). (a) The share of revenue’s / (b) from the rural market has / (c) gone up steady over / (d) the last few years.

/ (e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace ‘steady’ with ‘steadily’

65). (a) Madan hesitated in accepting the post as her / (b) did not thought that the salary / (c) was enough for a

man / (d) with a family of eight. / (e) No error

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace ‘thought’ with ‘think’

66). (a) My teacher used to check that we were / (b) on the right track and if any mistake occurred, / (c) he

would help us to analyze / (d) and resolve the issues. / (e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Delete ‘to’

67). (a) He always said success was something to be celebrated, / (b) but he also believed that failure is

something / (c) that you must concentrate all / (d) your energies on resolving. / (e) No error

Answer: b)

Explanation: Replace ‘is’ with ‘was’

68). (a) The centre accepted the report of a judicial commission / (b) that indicated former chief minister / (c)

and six of his ministerial colleagues against corruption, / (d) favouritism, nepotism and administrative

impropriety. / (e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace ‘against’ with ‘for’

69). (a) Companies like Infosys are moving fast / (b) on automation to ensure differentiation at a time / (c)

where the technology industry and business models / (d) are undergoing rapid changes. / (e) No error

Answer: c)

Explanation: Replace ‘where’ with ‘when’

70). (a) With sharp rise in the number of large-scale financial crimes, / (b) the CBI and Indian Institute of

Management have initiated / (c) a first-of-its-kind course to train sleuths / (d) from CBI to probe financial

frauds. / (e) No error

Answer: a)

Explanation: Insert ‘a’ before ‘sharp’

71). a) The beautician listed out / b) a few quick tips that / c) one needs to keep in mind / d) in order to get that

perfect holiday radiance. / e) No error

Explanation: Delete ‘out’

Answer is: a)

72). a) After weeks of talks, / b) the two parties failed to resolving / c) their differences and the makers

eventually / d) decided to look for an alternative. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘resolving’ with ‘resolve’

Answer is: a)

73). a) The Minister said that the State was facing / b) an acute financial crunch and feared that / c)the

Government might be compelled to take / d) loans to pay the salaries of its employees. / e) No error

Explanation: Error Spot

Answer is: e)

74). a) The states dependent on oil and gas revenues / b) are growing increasingly anxious about / c) the ripple

effect that falling oil prices / d) may have on their local economies. / e) No error

Explanation: In should read ‘States dependent on oil and gas revenue’

Answer is: a)

75). a) Though the year witnessed / b) a rise in crimes against women, / c) the police claimed that their

changed images has given / d) confidence to women to come forward and lodge complaints. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘ images has’ with ‘ image had’

Answer is: c)

76). a) Although ghost pepper is no longer / b) the most hottest chilli in the world, / c) as India’s species

export, / d) it packs quite a punch. /e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘the most hottest’ with ‘the hottest’

Answer is: b)

77). a) Migraines may doubles / b) the risk of a /c) nervous system condition that / d) causes facial paralysis. /

  1. e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘doubles’ with ‘double’

Answer is: a)

78). a) The police tactfully handled / b) the farmers’ agitation for / c) higher prices which is created / d) law

and order problem in the district every year. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘is created’ with creates’

Answer is: c)

79). a) For the past one week, / b) people had stop working / c) out of their houses, / d) fearing a sudden attack.

/ e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘had stop’ with ‘have stopped’

Answer is: b)

80). a) Mock drills were / b) carried out by / c) security agencies at / d) various parts of the city. /e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘at’ with ‘in’

Answer is: c)

81). a) The orally transmitted Arabic tales were popular / b) as early the 10th country, and / c) through

centuries of accretion and framing, gained / d) their current form around 1450 / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘ as early ‘ with ‘as early as’

Answer: b)

82). a) The greatest joy in publishing a new magazine / b) over four decades has been to / c) observe the ebb or

flow of history / d) accompanied by political tsunamis / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘or’ with ‘and’

Answer: c)

83). a) After 25 years, we have a single / b) party in power with / c) a clear majority and a / d) mandate of

development / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘of’ with ‘for’

Answer: d)

84). a) Answer to our population problems / b) lies in education and not in coercive and criminal sterilization

/ c) drives with unrealistic targets and / d) hard – to – resist monetary incentives / e) No error

Explanation: Add ‘The’ before ‘answer’

Answer: a)

85). a) “The Arabian Nights “ – with stories such as Ali Baba, Aladdin and Sindbad the sailor / b) are an

important cultural artifact / c) and played a role in forming / d) western assumption of the exotic east. / e) No


Explanation: Replace ‘are’ with ‘is’

Answer: b)

86). a) Extending an invitation to the President of the US / b) for the Republic Day barley a month after Modi’s

visit / c) to the Big Apple puts strengthening of ties / d) among the world’s two biggest democracies firmly on

track / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘among’ with ‘between’

Answer: d)

87). a) Hopefully, this last order of the apex court / b) will help in bringing a speedy closure to the case / c) and

sound out politicians and bureaucrats / d) against interfering in CBI investigations. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘ last ‘ with ‘latest’

Answer: a)

88). a) Among the many things that Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami talks / b) about when he talks about

running is a brief treatise / c) that capture both the audacity of youth / d) as well as the optimism that comes

with dexterity / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘as well as’ with ‘and’

Answer: d)

89). a) Young Indians pursuing different goals in varied arenas / b) are thinking differently, creating new

business models / c) and influence our life and times more comprehensively /d) than at any time in our history

/ e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘influence’ with ‘influencing’

Answer: d)


90). a) It is tough to single from a couple of names / b) from among a large number of dedicated and hard –

working leaders / c) who have shown the potential to hold / d) the party in good stead in the future / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘ from’ with ‘out’

Answer: a)

91). a) the country’s the biggest forged wheel factory / b) will be set up in Rae Bareli, / c) the parliamentary

constituency of / d) Congress president in UP. / e) No error.

Explanation: Replace ‘the biggest’ with biggest’

Answer: a)

92). a) All completed documents should be submitted / b) along with an earnest money deposit / c) by way of

demand draft / d) favourable to principal Controller, Mumbai / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘ favourable to’ with ‘in favour of’

Answer: d)

93). a) It is believed that one’s past karma / b) is responsible for the situation / c) in the present-birth, and / d)

the way he lives here. / e) No Error

Explanation: Replace ‘he’ with ‘one’

Answer: d)

94). a) Family members of a patients roughed up / b) employees at Max Hospital / c) accusing them for

medical negligence / d) after he died after surgery. / e) No Error.

Explanation: Replace ‘for’ with ‘of’

Answer: c)

95). a) On her voyage into space, / b) Williams said she would carried with her / c) a copy of the upanished and

the Bhagaved Gita / d) to reflect and read. / e) No error.

Explanation: Replace ‘carried’ with ‘carry’

Answer: b)

96). a) In fact, the human civilisation is / b) the history of man’s growth / c) control over / d) the sources of

energy. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘growth’ with ‘growing’

Answer is: b)

97). a) We all know that steam engine / b) marks an epochal change in the production capacity / c) and thus the

beginning / d) of modern capitalist world. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘marks’ with ‘marked’

Answer is: b)

98). a) United States of America has not blacklisted India as a priority foreign country / b) in its report on the

intellectual property regime / c) of trading partner despite strong demands / d) from its pharmaceutical

companies. / e) No error

Explanation: Add ‘The’ before ‘United’

Answer is: a)

99). a) In Beijing recently, smog had become / b) so thick that virtual sunrise / c) was arranged on huge TV

screens / d) across the city. / e) No error

Explanation: No Error

Answer is: e)

100). a) It is said that Prometheus gave the power / b) over fire to man after creating him / c) from water and

earth because he had become fond of men / d) than the king of gods, Zeus, had anticipated. / e) No error

Explanation: Replace ‘fond’ with ‘fonder’

Answer is: c)



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