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Daily Editorial magical vocabulary – A significant victory

A significant victory There could not have been a clearer mandate in the 2017 civic polls in Maharashtra. Except for Thane, where the Shiv Sena managed a comfortable victory, and Mumbai, where it squeaked ahead of the BJP by two... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Raghuram Rajan, welcome Urjit Patel

In August 2013, at the 10th Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Lecture on ‘Five Years of Leading the Reserve Bank—Looking Ahead by Looking Back’, a few days before he stepped down as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor, Raghuram Rajan’s... Continue Reading →

Let All Working Women Benefit

Even with adequate legal protection, many working women find themselves in situations where they have to make a choice between job options and motherhood and many of them end up choosing the latter at the cost of the former. The... Continue Reading →

Senseless Rants of Self-styled Cow Protectors

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia has taken needless umbrage[साया/v नाराज़ी] at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on gau rakshaks (cow protectors). He has given a twist to the statement accusing Modi of many things which would not have even... Continue Reading →

Expecting Medals Is Asking For Too Much

We are back in the dark ages. The prospect of returning empty handed from the Olympics, for the first time since Barcelona ‘92, are looming large. The notion that we are growing into a sporting nation is misplaced. It’s simply... Continue Reading →

New study promises rural insights

  Between six and eight people live in at least one out of every four homes in rural India.Every second person in rural India has a phone. In terms of rural electrification, villages in the southern part of India have... Continue Reading →

The rising ire against Dalits and Muslims

  Violent attacks against Muslims and Dalits will not end, and that is our unfortunate lot. Of course, they are not a new thing in our part of the world. However, the current escalation[वृद्धि] is the product of policies that... Continue Reading →

What Swachh Bharat should have addressed

  The NIMBY (not in my backyard) pejorative[अपमानजनक/ निंदापूर्ण- disparaging, derogatory, denigratory, deprecatory, defamatory,] fits in well with middle-class Indians, who complain about the garbage[कचरा] in their city but refuse to accept their own role in generating it. It’s also... Continue Reading →

Smart cities and blind policy

The vision of the smart city, while alluring[मनोहर- pleasant, alluring, engaging, captivating, charming], is unlikely to serve the needs of the majority of urban dwellers. As India prepares for its urban awakening, it may be time for the government to... Continue Reading →

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