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Daily Editorial magical vocabulary – A significant victory

A significant victory There could not have been a clearer mandate in the 2017 civic polls in Maharashtra. Except for Thane, where the Shiv Sena managed a comfortable victory, and Mumbai, where it squeaked ahead of the BJP by two... Continue Reading →

Raiders of hidden arks

The return to India of three ancient sculptures[मूर्तियां] from the National Gallery of Australia is another milestone in the long and difficult campaign waged by several countries to repossess their cultural treasures, which have often been bought by museums from idol smugglers.... Continue Reading →

Managing the Cauvery dispute

  Judicial intervention[हस्तक्षेप] often resolves questions that the executive finds too sensitive to handle. By directing the Centre to constitute a Cauvery Management Board within four weeks, the Supreme Court has created space for the water-sharing dispute to be handled in a... Continue Reading →

Copyright and copy-making

              The Delhi High Court verdict that photocopying portions of academic publications to make course packs for students does not amount to copyright infringement[उल्लंघन] has been interpreted by many as a victory for the wider public... Continue Reading →

The road from Bratislava

Unity and cohesion[एकजुटता- unity, togetherness, solidarity, bond] were conspicuously[सुस्पष्टता- prominently] absent at the Bratislava castle where the EU 28 minus 1 met to discuss the post-Brexit world. Nobody is harbouring[आश्रय देना/ विचार करना- consider, ponder, mull, think, contemplate,harbor, shelter, shelter... Continue Reading →

Responding to Uri Attack

Gathering evidence regarding the four terrorists who stormed the army base in Uri, killing 18 soldiers, suggests they are from Pakistan and had been sent across the border explicitly[explicitly, clearly, distinctly, categorically, avowed- स्पष्ट रूप से] for this attack. In fact, the... Continue Reading →

Towards a national health policy

The Supreme Court’s order directing the Centre to ask States to end the oppressive practice of sterilising women in large camps is a timely reminder that the country must urgently adopt a rights-based health policy. Many course correction measures have been ordered... Continue Reading →

A break-up foretold

Sometimes the symptom, and not its underlying cause, seems like the real problem. If Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has anything to worry about, it is not the resignation of her party MP, Tariq Hameed Karra, but the issues... Continue Reading →

Apple’s tax troubles

The hefty[burly, heavy- भारी] €13 billion in back taxes the European Commission imposed on Apple should have drawn Europe and the U.S. closer in their common quest to crack down on corporate tax avoidance. But the unprecedented penalty to hit the American... Continue Reading →

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